Yvan Genkins

Yvan Genkins

Yvan Genkins was born in Switzerland. His first impact with electronic music came in the middle 90's, sharing this passion with friends who were organising parties around his city. But his first snatching experience that make him move a step forward took place in Germany where he could stay one full year in 1997 and get deeper into clubculture if you think about Berlin's Tresor gold time or Munich Alter Flughafen Riem Club. Kevin Saunderson, Joey Beltram, Luke Slater are some of the Techno Masters that gave him the right pulse to go behind the decks and start a DJ career.

Back in Switzerland, Yvan could build a solid profile all over the years, hitting some of the most important spots of the country like Caprices Festival, Nordstern, Mad, QClub. He likes to build tight and pumpin DJ-sets focussing on funky rollin grooves and hypnotic basses, the main ingredients, he likes to focus on to catch the most exigent audiences. His style might be defined as "tech-house" but with a sens of modern "old schoolism".

On the production side, Yvan strives to find rare patterns and beats from every kind of rhythmical music like funk, afro-beat or soul to transform them into his very personal groove and building relentless loops that can marry both energy and sexyness into powerful tracks. No wonder if Yvan considers himself as a chicago music fan.

His "savoir-faire" catched the attention of Mendo from Cadenza, one of the best swiss export and "hits-maker". They started several collaborations as both remixers and original producers and went charted by all the tenors of the techno scene like Luciano, Riche Hawtin, Marco Carola or Reboot to name a few... Every one of their productions hits the top of the charts if you think about their recent releases on famous labels like 8 bit, Defected, Bla Bla, Monza Ibiza, Suara, Saved, Jett, Recycle, Clarisse of course and many more… Still working hard in the studio, alone or with friends like Gary Beck, Hector Couto, Lee Van Dowski, Salvatore Freda, Arnaud Le Texier, Andre Butano, Dani Casarano, Alex Picone or Felipe Valenzuela, Yvan continue to climb the scales and make the planet dance.

Yvan Genkins Discography :

Gary Beck - Tammo Chanter (Yvan Genkins & Mendo remix)
Yvan Genkins - Tea Party Protest EP - Clarisse Records
Yvan Genkins - I Like It Like That - Clarisse Records
Yvan Genkins - Funk Your Wife EP - Recycle Records
Yvan Genkins - I Funk You - Recycle Records
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - The Prayers EP - Defected
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Gods on Hill on Ushuaïa Ibiza the Club Album 2012
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Preacher on Defected The Opening Party Ibiza 2012
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Gods on Hill on Defected In The House Most Rated Ibiza 2012
Hector Couto - Gabeta (Yvan Genkins Remix) - Cray1 LabWorks
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Gods on Hill on Defected Bargrooves Deeper 2.0
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Preacher on Defected in The House Miami 2012 Mixed by Noir
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Gods on Hill on All Gone Miami 2012 Mixed by Pete Tong
Marcos Cruz - Change Your Attitude Its Free (Yvan Genkins & Mendo Remix) - Monza Ibiza Records
Yvan Genkins & Dani Casarano & Felipe Valenzuela - Earth & Sun - Melisma
Yvan Genkins & Mendo & Carlo Caldareri - Bolly Touch on Toolroom Ibiza Underground 2011
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Infernal Dialogue on The Art Of House: Two Years Bouq. Family
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Capture The Witness EP - Saved Records
Yvan Genkins & Mendo feat. André Butano - Cuaté - 8Bit
Djordje Aka Satori - Pranayama - (Yvan Genkins remix) - Clarisse Records
Yvan Genkins & Mendo – It’s all in your mind – Bla Bla Records
Soliman – Coeur de lion – (Salvatore Freda & Yvan Genkins remix) – Jett Records
Carlo Caldareri - Bolly Touch – (Yvan Genkins & Mendo remix) - Microtech Records
Jako - Subliminal Tango – (Yvan Genkins remix) - Recycle Records
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Lazy Boogaloo - Clarisse Records
Yvan Genkins & Mendo - Infernal Dialogue - Clarisse Records
Yvan Genkins - Loose Control - Recycle Records
Yvan Genkins - Zombie - Recycle Records
Yvan Genkins - Disco Brass - Recycle Records
Guido Nemola - Show me some love (Yvan Genkins remix) - Recycle Records

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