I'm not a robot - I'm a nobot

Sometimes it's quite funky to be a nobot. No robot no fun you'd say. But that's only half the story. There's a huge evergrowing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the Ultraworld, directly connected to Nobots DAW - if USB is working. To ensure that noises beyond the major consensus narrative will be merged into relatively non-linear structures. And that's where the fun starts.

In 2014 two guys wanted to get back to where they once belonged. There's Oli/Brainshaker - party organizer and spinning the wheels of steel since decades - as well as Martin/Z-Neo ex Naked Tourist and producing various electronic music for a while.

During the journey to the other side they rediscovered their need for kinky dark psychotic structures and sounds. The Nobot PC home computer system was instantly surrounded by massive analogue madness, some black/white keys, knobs making strange noises, grumbling modular systems as well as some digital jukeboxes. Midi and CV/Gate are Nobots friends. Cybertechnologies like the world wide web are used as an infinite sample source. Whenever there is a dumb thoughtless sentence, Nobot switches into recording mode.

After 9 years it's such a bliss to be back on the most lovely family label called Parvati-Records.

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