Paris, FR

Techno Rockstar. 

With a transgressive style and a unique sound, Flymeon is an artist through and through. His signature sound and style that blends hard-hitting beats, screaming guitars and staggering synths, merging elements from Techno and Heavy Metal, Flymeon is ready to show the world what he has in store with a sound that’s one-of-a-kind.

With his last releases on Rave Alert Records, Flymeon introduces his second personality; a masked persona that mirrors his now unrestrainable inner-self. Ironically, the artist uses the mask where he feels most like himself; on stage.

With a powerful outlet and platform, Flymeon’s art exudes through his mask, and is evident through every release and every neurotic and highly-energetic live performance, unveiling a never-before-seen true Techno Rockstar.

Flymeon is set to conquer new stages all over the world, and has already performed in iconic clubs and parties such as HEX Techno Movement, Fabrik Madrid, Modul’Air Ghent or Unlocked Barcelona.

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