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FAAST is part of the rising techno scene in France since few years. Driving a brutal and catchy techno music inspired by the 90s, FAAST will make you lose all sense of time and space. Between rave old school sounds, powerful kicks, acid lines, and trancy vibes you will no longer know where to start nor how to dance. She is also a feminist committed to queer community.

DJ and producer, she played for several clubs and collectives in Paris, Nantes and Bordeaux (Wanderlust, Glazart, la Machine du Moulin Rouge, A La Folie, La Java, le Petit Bain, Bras de Fer, L'Entrepot, Warehouse, Possession, Wet for Me, Flash Cocotte, Tragedy, Jeudi OK ...).

Passionate about speed and cars, her universe is kind a new way of tuning techno music.

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