Deniz Bul

Deniz Bul

Deniz Bul is a young talented Dj & Producer based in Germany.

Progressive unique baselines with melodies in between mixed with some vocals is what makes him recognizable. 
Progressive - sometimes deep, but always danceable is what Deniz style is about. He is influenced by Techno, Trance & Minimal Techno.

Deniz passion for music developed in his youth. He tried different styles of music before in the age of 20 he started to produce electronic music. He began to organize small parties in his city and started to play in the local clubs around. 
It was in that time when Deniz met Boris Brejcha the first time.

Over the years Deniz sound developed and in 2016 he signed at Boris Brejcha´s label "FCKNG SERIOUS".

In Deniz sets you can listen to his own music mixed with the tracks he personally likes. He knows how to interact with people and for sure he is gonna make you move. 

"The World Needs More Techno" is Deniz message. His slogan is more then just a nice phrase. The meaning behind it is to come together, have a good time & dance with the people around. Be tolerant, be kind and even when it sounds like a cliche - it´s about love and it is about peace. 

Over the last 2 years Deniz played and impressed all around the world. Europe, Canada, India, in South America or even on the little island Mauritius - just to name a few places where he already have been.

Feel the energy behind that artist. Enjoy the sound & keep in mind: "The World Needs More Techno"

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