Bas Mooy

Bas Mooy

Rotterdam home-based dj/producer Bas Mooy (1976) has been
active on many fronts in the techno scene since 1999. Heavily
influenced by a city that breaths industrial strength twenty-fourseven,
he gradually found his way into creating an unique dark
sound, which lead him to the forefront of the European techno

In 2002 he kickstarted the already legendary Audio Assault record
label with label partner Jeroen Liebregts aka Radial, which resulted
in the birth of sublabel Arms one year later. Since then the Audio
Assault family built a strong and constantly growing fan-base
worldwide, showcasing an impressive catalogue with a constant
output of stand out twelve inches, setting the standard for today’s
quality dark techno.

For many years he has been a member of the Rotterdam
underground collective ‘Strictly Techno’, creators of over a hundred
legendary parties since 1996. Bas has played at many ‘top of the
bill’ clubs and festivals around the globe and is a regular guest at
the highly respected Awakenings parties in Holland.

Over the years Bas has been a hard working and devoted producer,
spending many hours in the studio and putting out music on
respected labels such as Mote Evolver, Perc Trax, Gynoid, Sleaze
Records, Planet Rhythm and of course his own imprints Audio
Assault and Mord.

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